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Top 10 Leadership Books of 2019

CEO  +  International Speaker  +  Author

Jeremie Kubicek is CEO of GiANT - the leader in Scalable People Development. Through the GiANT TV platform, GiANT has created the 100X People System, which has been called the “Netflix meets Peloton for Adult Learning.” The secret to GiANT TV is the powerful 21st century content around IQ, EQ and Personality that scales throughout organizations with its objective language and visual tools.


Along with his CEO duties, Jeremie is a best-selling author of the following books and an international speaker. He has lived in Moscow, Atlanta and London and currently speaks to organizations around the world while working with his team to raise up 100X Leaders in every sector and city in the world.

Making Your Leadership Come Alive by Jeremie Kubicek.
Th 5 Gears, a book from Jeremie Kubicek.
The 5 Voices by Jeremie Kubicek.
The 100X Leader, a new book from Jeremie Kubicek.

2020 Keynotes

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Jeremie Kubicek interviewed by JJ Ramberg from MSNBC's Your Business.


How to Become Someone Everyone Wants to Follow


The Sherpa Mindset: The Secret to Getting 

People to Higher Levels


How to Be Productive and Still Have a Life


How to Connect to Every Voice

Todd Vinson, founder of EOTE Coffee, gives a testimonial to Jeremie Kubicek's abilities.

Todd Vinson

Founder, EOTE Coffee

“Jeremie is a gifted speaker. His presentation on topics of leadership, creating healthy cultural, and personal growth are powerful.  Once you have experienced liberation, you wake up each morning looking for opportunities to liberate others.”

Seth Godin, best-selling author, gives a testimonial.

Seth Godin

Best-Selling Author

“Jeremie Kubicek clearly shares what so many influential leaders have come to know: there’s a huge difference between authority and responsibility and between influence and power.”

Dr. Heny Cloud, best-selling author, gives a testimonial.

Dr. Henry Cloud

Best-Selling Author

“Jeremie has given a clear path to follow that will serve as a guide and a measuring stick for any leader who wants to have real and lasting influence. Take it to heart. If you want to have life-giving impact, start here.”

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Jeremie inspires audiences through moving stories, humor and tools that teach graphically and orally, with practical takeaways that go beyond the event itself.  He understands how to connect with adults who are busy and at times, distracted.


Attendees also learn tools that can be applied immediately for themselves and for those they lead. Jeremie will connect immediately with your people and accelerate the personal development of every leader that attends, while leaving the participants wanting more.

  Scalable People Development 


"Jeremie Kubicek is not a speaker or presenter – he is one of the most powerful communicators I have ever seen. Through a conversational and relational approach, he will connect with your audiences and deliver powerful content on personal and professional development that will produce change."

Pattye Moore

Board Chair, Red Robin